Come take advantage of our Free workshops at the 5th Annual Colorado World Hoop Day 2017! We are putting together a talented team of instructors for multiple flow arts. Please check back for more information as we get closer to this years celebration!

Here’s the great line up we had last year:

2016 Workshops & Instructors 

Ann-Marie Phalen-Hartman, Ashley Harkness Shelton, and Ana M Cruz – Hoop – Official WHD Dance
Savannah Hoopstar – Hoop – Foot Hooping
Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla-Flexibility With Flow: Discovering Your Levels, Lines and Layers
Savannah Revis – Hoop – Hoop Dance Elements with Isolations and Ghosting
Bobbi Marcanna – Hoop – Beginner and Intermediate Hooping
Lisa Toyne – Hoop – Level Up Your Shoulder Hooping!
Mark Blackard – Poi – Body Wraps and Movement
Angela Sheehan and Jennifer Bliss Alberts – Flow Wand – Partner Flow Wand
Jesse Taenzer – Staff – The world of contact: dancing with your staff
Brittany Berry Performance Art and Ana M Cruz– Partner Hoop Workshop – Forget about me, what about we!
Nod LaughingStar – Staff, Poi, Juggling – Flow, Dance, Laugh
Michael Cercone – Hoop – Body Tracing with Twin Hoops
Cindy Marvell – Juggling – Toss Juggling Tactics
Josh Balzer – Fire Props – Making Fire Heads
Caleb Goll – Fire Safety – Fire Safety Training
AND Staff – Flow Games
Maggie Brown – Hoop – JAMmin Jumpthroughs
Lindy Zuroski – Hoop – Hoop quads: May the fourth be with you
Jes L Schultz and Sean Kirkpatrick – Acro Yoga – Acro Yoga
Rager Rabbit – Hoop – Escalators, wraps, contact, and traps
Chango De Bongo – Poi – Throw More Poi-Tosses and Toss Variations
Leah Casper – Dance/Movement – Contact and Creation

This was just some of the amazing talent we had in the past.


Angela Sheehan
Look Ma, No Hands – Long String Leviwand Wraps
This is a long string wand class for intermediate wanderers (though beginners are certainly welcome to come play). We will begin to explore how to direct the path of the wand using elbows, wrists, and other body parts instead of just our fingers/hands. We’ll also begin working with neck/body wraps which are not only a lot of fun but also help to heighten the illusion of your spinning by freeing up your hands from direct contact with the string.

Kara Daly
Let Hoop Be Thy Medicine – Hoop
In this workshop-meets-ritual, we will use the power of intention, hoop dance, and a little magic to activate a healing process around a part of our life that needs some extra love. We’ll practice the ancient art of dancing with what is, and play with raising our vibrations to create space for change to occur. This 45 minute workshop will be taught by Kara Daly, who currently lives in Boston but will be re-locating to Colorado in early September. We are very excited to welcome her to our Colorado Flow Family. Check out her website for more info:

Bobbi Marcanna
Introduction to Hooping – Hoop
If you’ve wanted to try hooping, now’s your chance. We will use this 45-minute workshop to learn basic hooping. Then we will go into isolations, escalators, and the weave.

Jennifer Bliss Alberts
Flowing the Feels – Flow Wand
We all know what it’s like to feel the flow, to let go of our minds, and utilize our body to achieve flow state. What would it be like if we explored dance as a method of releasing pent up emotion? With the flow wand as our partner, we will play with self-expression, dance with different emotions, and elevate each other in the process. Incorporating energy tools and guided meditation into movement and technique, this workshop will have you walk away more connected to your prop, yourself, and your community.

Lisa Love Child of Living Rhythm
Level up your Shoulder Hooping – Hoop
In this 45 minute workshop we will explore and discover tools and motions that unlock cleaner, smoother, and more dynamic shoulder hooping. Moving the hoop higher up on the core is a great way to loosen and relax the rest of the body. Weather you are a seasoned hooper, or just starting out; you will be able to take home some new techniques and movement that will level up your shoulder hooping! We will cover stationary shoulder hooping in the horizontal plane, as well as touch on techniques for vertical shoulder hooping. Exercises will include targeted warm-up and hoop movement, proper posture and body alignment, as well as a community centered game.
*Large diameter hoops are strongly encouraged, as we will be focusing on stationary core work. A limited selection will be available for use during the workshop.

HipTheHooplaSquareLogo    Ché Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla
World Hoop Day Choreography for the official Colorado video
Come learn, refresh your memory, or focus on particular movements from the official choreographed World Hoop Day hula hoop dance with the lovely Che’ Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla in Denver, Colorado. The video is available NOW to give you a head start. Bonus points for helpers who learn it in advance!

Jesse Taenzer
Fundamentals of flow – Poi
In this basic level class you will get the chance to step into understanding poi in an open source feel. We will go over the very first and fundamental pieces of poi and you: Planes, Directions and Timing. Then we will delve into some really easy movements to begin exploring moving the poi around your body and we will end it up with how to lace all of them together. By the time you walk away from my class, you will have everything you need in your poi arsenal to flow with music and let the poi teach you the next depth of technical movement.

Jesse Taenzer
The world of contact – Staff
In this basics class we will begin with understanding the ways of making your body a ramp and the ways the staff can roll. We will then get into fei cha, the rolling moves that originated in Korea and how that became contact staff as we know it today. The basic moves that you will walk away from this class with are the steve, the halo roll, the conveyer belt and the starting aspects of the fish tail. This class will give you multiple sources of movement information to grow your staff abilities and flow with this dynamic dance partner!

NickMinton   Nick Minton
Creative Folding -Hoop 
The main focus of this workshop will discuss folding techniques and anything the represents a 3D style move. We will go all the way down to the basics as we talk about concepts to apply to any “genre” of moves, and then applying them to folding, so beginners are encouraged. I will also slide in advanced moves to stimulate and challenge those of a more advanced skill set. We will be discussing the different areas of opportunities with basic realizations with folding, such as transitions and combos to any other type of move, in any plane, with different grips as well. I will also show some of my own innovative folding creations unique to me. (Tricks that will be discussed —> Hinges, Escalators – Regular and Reversed, Wedgie variations, Arm Folding, Penny Rolls, Coin Spins around the Head/Leg/Body/Feet, Carousel, Body Wraps, Palm Spins, One Handed Helicopters, Smears, No-Handed Smears, Jump-Throughs, and even 3-D TOSSES!!!)

JamHoops  Maggie Brown of Jam Hoops 
The Magic of Body Rolls – Hoop
I will be starting off the class with the basic chest and back rolls. We will then explore an exaggerated chest roll, chest roll breaks, and a chest roll with a head duck in! We will learn the proper way to release and catch the body rolls. With the rest of the time, we will be exploring more advanced body rolls such as the chest roll into a back roll and foot to hand body roll!