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Colorado World Hoop Day supports global and local efforts to spread peace, joy and health through hula hooping and flow arts.

Get ready for the 5th Annual Colorado World Hoop Day 2017

World Hoop Day is a two-part organization. It is a non-profit charity that gives away hoops to children around the world in need. It is also an international holiday where people gather to hoop for health, peace, love and joy.

The mission of World Hoop Day is to bring joy, through the importance of play, to children around the world.

Colorado World Hoop Day hula hoopers and flow artists unite. With our efforts we hope to raise awareness and aid the cause of spreading peace, joy and active health to every community we can touch. It is our mission to help the lives in both our local and global communities. Please join us. We appreciate your support of time, donations and commitment

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