World Hoop Day Charitable Contributions

World Hoop Day is designed to put hula hoops in the hands of kids across the globe to help spread and promote peace, health and happiness through hula hooping! Please help by donating new or very gently used hula hoops and/or money to assist in the World Hoop Day mission.
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Colorado World Hoop Day Circle
Call Out to Colorado Hoopers

♥ We are also working with several community groups to get hoops and lessons to our great local kids in our Colorado area. ♥

Please contact us if you want to be an ambassador in YOUR community to help out (getting them new and gently used hoops and teaching, too!). The more people we have, the more kids we can help get healthy, happy, self confident. And who knows what great things they may do ♥
Do you know of a local kids group in need? At-risk youth, foster kids, big brother/sister, mentoring programs? Let us know!


Stronghold Society

Stronghold Society
Colorado World Hoop Day is also donating hoops to a great cause within our own community: Stronghold Society

Along with thousands of volunteers, and supporters such as Def Leppard, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Vans, Nathan Maxwell of Flogging Molly and The Bunny Gang, and many more, Stronghold Society helps native youth gain connection, community and valuing life by providing skate parks on the reservations.

With the hundreds of contributors and attendees of Colorado World Hoop Day, we are going to bring in hoops, too! Spokesman and Stronghold Society founder Walt Pourier has such a big heart when it comes to helping others, you just can’t help but want to contribute.

“Stronghold Society would be honored to be a recipient of your hoop foundation crew–would be fun for the young girls. (And perhaps) a class here locally in Denver and even get hoops to the Rez in South Dakota. Thank you for thinking of us. Much love.” ~Walt Pourier

Live Life Stronghold Society